jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

My Errands

Every day I get up at five o'clock. (5:00 am) and go to school at six o'clock (6:00) immediately before breakfast, lunch returning home and do the remaining activities to get to work at home that is under construction and when it is night ended and I'm going to rest, and at eleven o'clock (11:00 pm) I'm sleeping.

My neighborhood....

It is very quiet, not much traffic on the adjoining areas, is a place not too sure public transport is the retired there are several schools nearby and a university, and there is a park not know my neighbors, and several shops distributed sector side

my university


The URBE is a great university complex that houses a large number of students in Zulia, the city has 7 block which are listed by letters A to G. in them a variety of advanced laboratories for continuous improvement and updating of the student population adapted to the technological age. It has a large auditorium for conference and a large library. It also has a good parking, stadium and 10 cafes.

University Life

Campus Life

College life is, in my opinion, a privileged space for growth and development of people, mostly many cases full of effort, sacrifice, sweat, and all-nighters, but there are also linked to these good experiences such as growth and professional staff, new experiences, updates, and it is best that we meet great people along the race. And it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.

El Silbón (Una Leyenda)

El Silbón (Una Leyenda)

Wandering spirit to kill his father. After murdering his father, the man was punished by a foreman of neck, trying to escape was bitten by a dog Turek, to conclude the punishment his grandfather on his wounds sprinkled lots of hot peppers. The memory and mention of what happened frees people from being attacked by the wandering spirit known as the Wigeon.

El Silbón drunks presents as grim. Other rangers give way to tall, skinny. wear a hat and strikes men and drunken revelers, which sucks the navel to take their liquor.

  Tradition says that on reaching the Wigeon to a house in the evening hours, download the account a sack and one the bones, if no one can hear a family member dies at dawn.

Another Version of the story
He says he was a son who killed his father to eat you their "offal." The boy was raised Tonec (pampered), nor respect for anyone. One day he told his father he wanted to eat deer entrails. His father went hunting to please but soon returned. In view of this the boy went to look and saw that brought nothing, could not hunt deer, kill him, I take the guts and brought them to his mother to cook them. Since there is no softening, the mother suspected were "offal" of her husband. asking the boy, who confessed the truth.
He immediately cursed him "pa to life." His brother Juan chased him with a "foreman" sounded a gourd and chili dogs sicced "Trucco" until the end of the chases and bites the heels

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

The landlady of Zulia

In the month of November, the celebration held in honor of the Chinita is for this reason that during these days, the bagpipe sounds with particular frenzy and joy throughout the Zulia. Of the many festivals in honor of the Virgin, perhaps the most impressive is the so-called Sunrise Piper, in which the people of Maracaibo is assembled on the morning of day 18 in the plaza of the Basilica, to sing to and Mañanitas Chinita Happy Birthday.

Maracaibo authorities decided to hold a procession in honor of the Chinita. Legend has it that the Virgin was carried on the shoulders of two men chosen by the Governor.

Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, dear Chinita, protected from the temple, basilica today, the people of Zulia.